EV Charging,
Energy Management &
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How to choose the right EV Charging, Energy Management & Power Storage Solutions

Buying your electric vehicle is the easy part. What is more complex, is ensuring you have the right charging and energy solution for your needs of today, that is also adaptable to future changes in technology.

Some of the questions you need to ask include…


Is your house ready to welcome your new electric vehicle?


How will you charge your EV safely and cost effectively?


Can an off-the-shelf charging unit be enough for your needs?


Are your options limited with the charging unit that comes with the car?


What will it do to the household energy bill?


Can an electric vehicle owner save money on energy bills?

Because The Consequences Of Getting It Wrong Are Significant

For a household, choosing the incorrect plug type or charging method could result in a longer charging period, or even “tripping” the household supply, leaving you and your family literally in the dark!

For businesses or high-rise apartment residents, catastrophic power failures or huge network upgrade costs, could possibly be the outcome of poorly informed decisions being made up front.

EV Charging

Installation of high-quality EV Charging solutions for home or workplace user convenience

Smart energy management

Optimisation of renewable, off-grid and grid Power Storage solutions providing long-term reliability

Power Storage solutions

Integration of SMART Energy Management solutions to deliver real energy cost savings

That’s Why You Need To Speak To A EV Charging, Energy Management & Power Storage Expert First

GenCharge can help you with all your questions about electric vehicle charging, energy efficiency and management, power storage, renewable energy grid connections and sustainable green energy solutions.

Our team of green energy consultants and engineers have real experience helping households and businesses across power infrastructure, critical power supply, renewable energy and building services with a combined experience of more than 30 years

Next we assign a personal GenCharge consultant to you which may also include an onsite consultation. This is specifically important for high-rise residential complexes and business with multiple charging units and/or sustainable solution requirements.

After this initial information gathering phase, your consultant will then determine the best solution for your needs, and an indication as to what the investment will be.

Moving forward, our engineers will then create a detail design and then install it for you.

After the installation and warranty periods, you have the option to take up one of our maintenance packages to ensure your solution continues to operate at an optimal level for years ahead.


Get clarity of your energy needs and options for today, and the future without all the jargon and confusion

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Get the most cost-effective design based on your specific situation so that there will be no surprises later on



Get a trouble-free installation that doesn’t disrupt your home or workplace and allows you to get the benefits sooner



Get the confidence that your investment will be secure into the future as it is maintained by energy experts


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